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Born in Paris in 1956, the latest in a family of six children, I quickly bathed in the French and American music.

By age 12, I am a classical guitar training. Then I go through the rock scene including Paris where I record my first 45 Tours with a named «38 Tonnes»  in the 80s.

Arrived in the Southwest, I joined a group of Blues Rock (Chicano Blues) with which I played for 6 years and recorded an album.

Desiring to expand my musical horizons, I learned the 5 string banjo and played with Western Bluegrass Barbecue group. It was during this period that I began to get interested in the Pedal Steel Guitar. My meeting with Jean-Yves Lozach allowed me to deepen my knowledge on this instrument and technique.

Late 90’s, I founded with a friend a country band “Appaloosa,” in which I play this instrument. In ten years we will produce in many festivals including the biggest: Mirande, Berck sur Mer, Cagnes sur mer, West Country … in France as well as Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Canada …

It was during these tours that I met and accompanied by big names in country music, like Brian Sklar (Canada), Big Rock (France), JC Harrisson (Quebec), Wayne Law (Australia) and Charlie Mc Coy (USA), Martha Fiels Galloway (USA), Rockincher (Toulouse) who plays mainly in France.